April Fools! Brodeur Was Terrible

The Pens manhandled the hopelessly slumping Devils 6-1 tonight, thanks largely to an abysmal performance from really solid goalie who stayed healthy and played a lot of games on a perennial Cup contender in the NHL’s lowest-scoring era winningest goalie of all time Martin Brodeur. Marty has now lost his last 6 starts and allowed 28 goals in that span for a poor but not suicidal 3.5 GA per game, and with only five games left in the regular season Jersey’s running out of time to right the ship; if they end up in a 3-vs-6 game against New York with Ranger fans descending on Newark to give their team a series of 7 home games, they’re hyperscrewed. It’s still a little early in the season for Lou Lamoriello to think about firing his coach though.

As for the Pens, they came in well-rested against a slumping opponent, got to the net, banged in a few quick ones and — wait for it — DIDN’T BLOW THEIR INITIAL 2-0 LEAD!!!! Fleury looked a mite shaky in the First on a couple rebounds, but the outcome of this game was never really in doubt. Being in the NY Metro area, I had to watch the MSG+ coverage, and listening to Devils color man Glenn “Chico” Resch complain about the officiating in a game where the winning goal was scored six minutes and thirty-one seconds into the First Period was just gravy on a wonderful birthday cake of a game (and if you’ve never poured gravy on cake, you’re missing out).

Back to picking on the Devils — we can rip on Ray Shero as much as we want for that Miroslav Satan signing, and lord knows we have, but to understand his thinking behind that one-year deal, you don’t have to look beyond the Devils’ signing of Brian Rolston to a 4-year, $20 million contract this past offseason, which currently stands as the single worst contract currently in the NHL. The Scott Gomez and Rick DiPietro deals are right up there, but the Devils — who, ironically, rarely dabble in the unrestricted free agency maket — are currently locked into paying Rolston, a 36-year-old third-liner with 14 G and 14 A in 58 GP this year, $5 million a year until the next Presidential Election. Makes you want to start French kissing Ruslan Fedotenko, doesn’t it?

The Pens meet their sudden storied archrivals, the Carolina Hurricanes, on Saturday night, a rivalry even more intense and more out of frickin’ nowhere than the Panthers one last month.


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