Millions Of Obsessive Gamblers Can’t Be Wrong: Pens Have 2nd Best Odds In The East

If there’s one group of people we can trust for first-rate NHL analysis, it’s degenerate gamblers (because Lord knows it isn’t the Worldwide Leader), and for the second year in a row, Vegas is liking the Pens. All gambling websites resemble a virus’ Twitter feed to me, but they’re usually pretty consensual, and the following odds were reflected both on and


The Red Wings were 3:1 Cup favorites in ’08 and the Pens had the best odds in the East, and damned if the gamblers weren’t dead-on with that one (though granted, they were #1 and #2 seeds respectively, so it wasn’t some earth-shattering prediction, but, well, it was right.)

Not sure I’d go anywhere near those 10:1 Devils or the 14:1 Blackhawks; I’d much rather lay my money on the 14:1 Hurricanes, the 24:1 Flames (I know they’ve looked crappy since the deadline, but their chances are really that much worse than Chicago’s?) or, quite honestly, with the 8:1 Pens.

I’m also thinking of laying a grand on the “Will Flyers Fans Blame The League For Being Rigged For Crosby When They Lose Even Though Their Media Market Is Far Bigger Than Pittsburgh’s And Thus Would Stand To Benefit The NHL Just As Much?” bet, but “Yes” is currently a 1:98,000 favorite.


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    […] -The Penguins have the second-best odds in the Eastern Conference. […]

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