Coors Light Presents: Cold Hard Speculation

Tonight on SportsCenter, ESPN brought in Todd McShay for an edition of “Coors Light Cold Hard Facts” for the NFL Draft that included, among other information, the following Cold Hard Fact:

“Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree is in a lot of peoples’ Top 6, but he’s had a lot of poor individual workouts for teams — I personally see him slipping to Jacksonville at the eighth spot or possibly going as low as tenth on draft day.”

Just wondering – why does ESPN assign the “Cold Hard Facts” feature to the most speculative, inexact day of information in pro sports?

FACT #4 – Michael Crabtree might go sixth, eighth or tenth or none of those, and that is a FACT. It’s such a fact, it is cold and hard and you can drink it like a factual Coors Light, which is just liquid facts with the taste of fact mountains that are also cold and hard and factual — FACT.


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One Response to “Coors Light Presents: Cold Hard Speculation”

  1. humbucker Says:

    I hear ya re: speculation and facts, but Crabtree did in fact fall to 10th on draft day….

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