Sporting News Gives Steelers’ Draft An “F” For Taking Nice D-Lineman, Intriguing Deep Threat

The NFL Draft is over, meaning we’ve entered the period where everyone who can speak the word “sports” levies opinions on college players we hadn’t heard of on Thursday. Obviously such a practice is open to wide subjectivity and speculation, but most professionals appear to agree that the Steelers’ draft fell somewhere between a B+ and a C, with the notable exception of the Sporting News’ Clifton Brown, who seems to believe the Steelers had the single worst draft of any NFL team:

Pittsburgh Steelers: F

Wow, an F? You only gave the Raiders a D-Minus — it must have been some hellish nightmare of a draft for the Steelers huh? I’m sure you have a sufficient explanation…

It’s hard to have an impressive draft after you win the Super Bowl and pick 32nd. Defensive tackle Evander “Ziggy” Hood could be a nice pickup on a line that needed to get younger. Wideout Mike Wallace is an intriguing deep threat.

…That’s it? That’s your entire argument for why the Steelers had the worst draft of all 32 NFL teams, tied with the Chargers?? Because Ziggy Hood could be a “nice pickup” and Mike Wallace is an “intriguing deep threat?” Do you know what the words “nice” and “intriguing” mean?

I thought for sure he’d say something like “I watched Hood’s camp in person and I noticed this specific thing…” or “historically these types of players from this conference don’t pan out…” or at least come up with some ideaology behind the “F” grade, even if it went against the general consensus. Instead, his grade is directly contradicted by his OWN WRITEUP, meaning he either typed an “F” instead of a “B” and didnt change it, his writeup is actually super-sarcastic and dry but I just didn’t pick up on it, or Clifford Brown is secretly Tom Donahoe.


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One Response to “Sporting News Gives Steelers’ Draft An “F” For Taking Nice D-Lineman, Intriguing Deep Threat”

  1. derek Says:

    Isn’t Mike Wallace about 90 now? I’d give that an F too.

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