Steelers’ September 27th Game Changed From 1:00 To 4:15 — Adjust Your Lives Accordingly

Dammit, NFL, if you want to go changing Steeler game times, could you at least give us some advanced warning? I already sent out my Evite for my annual September 27th Bengals Game Brunch and told everyone specifically to show up at 1:00. Now I’m gonna have to message everyone about the time change, and go back to Kinko’s to reprint my giant “It’s 1:00 And Let’s Beat Those Bungles” banner, and completely scrap my Bengals-themed brunch menu that I spent soooo much time preparing. I was gonna serve Cedric Bacon and  Shayne Gra-ham and Laveranues Cole-d Oatmeal and Da-Honey Nut Cheerios Jones and Chad Ocho Cinco Eggs, but now that’s over with, cause the game’s at 4 and no one wants to eat brunch at 4 because it’s tacky. You hear that, NFL?? Four o’clock brunch is TACKY — did that ever even cross your mind when you personally changed this game time, Roger Goodell??? I quit football.

Also, the Steelers are set to release Larry Foote. We’ve all seen this coming since the Timmons/Woodley draft, but he was a solid player and an absolute quote machine, and he’ll be missed — hopefully someone can pick up the slack on firing up the team during the pregame huddle. Jeff Reed?


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2 Responses to “Steelers’ September 27th Game Changed From 1:00 To 4:15 — Adjust Your Lives Accordingly”

  1. Frank Says:


  2. Bryan Says:

    This literally made me LOL

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