Ovechkin Message Board Death Threat Traced To Dumbass On Message Board

Police were notified after someone posted the following threat on a Penguins fan message board:

“I’m killing Ovechkin. I’ll go to jail. I don’t care anymore.”

The police have since traced the threat to a seventeen-year-old kid in Chambersburg, though no charges have been filed yet against the minor.

I certainly respect the police for doing their jobs in this situation and agree that threats like this are solidly beyond any line of decorum, but that being said, this is an online message board we’re talking about. It’s anonymous sports fans leaving comments about sports on the internet (automatic Angryville) with total anonymity; you throw those elements into a bell curve, skip to the extreme end, and you’re gonna have some death threats. I mean, Christ, I’ve received death threats on BWE.tv for misspelling the names of Lost characters. It’s the internet, it’s sports, it’s anonymity — people are gonna make over-the-line comments all the time.

I also love that the perpetrator was, in fact, just some random angry kid in Central PA — as though the cops were gonna trace the threat to some mastermind assassin who answers the phone “It’s your decision whether or not to back off, Chief, but it’d be a shame to get blood all over your wife’s nice white dress that I’m looking at right now…” “You stay away from her you SON OF A BITCH!!!” etc. etc. Nope! Just an A-hole on a message board, being stupid and creating a story, because that’s what the internet is.

Also, not to nitpick, but I enjoy the addition of “I don’t even care anymore” in the threat, as if to imply that the kid once DID care too much about his life to murder Alexander Ovechkin, but something happened recently to push him over the edge. “Once I saw Sally MacPherson in the arms of that damn senior, I thought to myself, ‘my life is over – now nothing’s gonna stop me from murdering that Washington Capitals winger that I’ve always wanted to murder…'”

For the record, how many of us have watched a Penguins power play this year and not also thought about dishing out some death threats? Glass houses, people.


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2 Responses to “Ovechkin Message Board Death Threat Traced To Dumbass On Message Board”

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  2. While You Were Waiting To Slip “That’s A Dealbreaker, Ladies” Into Your Daily Conversation Says:

    […] investigated a death threat to Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin posted on a Pittsburgh Penguins fan message […]

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