Weird Metaphor Korner With Scott Burnside

The opening two sentences from Scott Burnside’s new “why the hell not, let’s praise Max Talbot” column:

You can have all the skill and the talent in the world, but sometimes that skill and talent need a catalyst to make them smoke.

Think chemical reaction and you’ll get a sense of the role Maxime Talbot is being asked to reprise for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

You need a catalyst to make them smoke, “them” meaning the “skill” and “talent?” Shouldn’t the first half of the sentence also be part of the metaphor, like “It doesn’t matter how many chemicals you mix — skill, talent — you always need a catalyst to make them smoke.” (Assuming, in line with the original premise, your goal in this particular chemical experiment is to produce smoke)

The way it’s written now, there’s just this random chemistry analogy applied to literal hockey terminology. That’d be like saying…

To run a company, you need a CEO, investors, and the receptionist is the blood that carries oxygen to the brain.

To make a mojito, you need rum, sugar, and the mint is the talons of the eagle, used to snatch its prey.

Every story needs a beginning, middle, and the ending is the reaching for the paper towels.

This concludes today’s “nit-pick to delay impending stress about Game 4” post. Hope you’ve enjoyed.


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One Response to “Weird Metaphor Korner With Scott Burnside”

  1. 1hockeychics Says:

    I think Burnside ate too much stale pizza at Shale’s, a smoky bar next to the arena, as he wrote his story. Hence the “smoky” metaphor.

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