Cup Finals Prediction – Prove Me Wrong, Kids

Not much time for a prediction, just got back from seeing Up and it’s ten to eight (at least one thing today will have been awesome, game pending) but here’s my quick thoughts on the series.

People point out that Chris Osgood isn’t a game-stealing goalie, but who cares? Do you really believe Fleury vs. Osgood is that big of an advantage for the Pens, given Fleury’s proneness to random soft goals and the fact that Osgood faces about four shots from inside the blue line a game? Also, the Red Wings won the frickin’ Cup last year with Osgood in goal – he’s not a liability.

Another friend of mine pointed out the Red Wings’ penalty killing deficincies so far this postseason, but again, are you really confident that the Pens’ power play vs. the Red Wings’ PK is an advantage? They’re really gonna start lighting it up 5-on-4 when they couldn’t even get into the zone half the time in the first three series, now facing a team whose penalty killers would be on most teams’ power plays?

The Pens’ only two arguing points may be Malkin’s health this year vs. last year, as well as Detroit’s potential injuries, in addition to Crosby’s potential to be ridiculous at any time (though he had this last year). I would say that the Pens may be hungrier too, coming off the loss a year ago and playing a team where the majority of players own multiple Cup rings, but the Red Wings’ on-paper lack of motivation is a nonfactor, they’re efficient androids capable of sucking a team’s soul out through its nose, and the Pens’ dispatching of the Hurricanes doesn’t make me any more confident that they’ll throw together a sudden defensive surge against a far more talented and deeper offense, nor do I expect the Pens to get more than a third of the scoring chances that Joe Corvo, Tim Gleason and the lot allowed them in the Eastern Finals.

I’ll go with the Red Wings in seven, six if Datsyuk ends up being healthy for the series.

Now in the words of Principal Skinner – “Prove me wrong, children! Prove me wrong!”


2 Responses to “Cup Finals Prediction – Prove Me Wrong, Kids”

  1. Oz Says:

    Well, it’s ballsy to pick against your team, I wouldn’t do it.

  2. Luke Says:

    Looks like they’re gonna prove you wrong in as much as there’s not likely to be a game 5 at this rate.

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