State Of Michigan Still Bitter About Malkin’s MVP

Henrik Zetterberg may have recorded fewer goals, assists, and points than Evgeni Malkin this playoff season, in addition to the minute technicality that his team didn’t end up winning the Stanley Cup, but according to this poll, the people of Michigan still don’t think Malkin deserved the Conn Smythe Trophy:

ESPN Conn Smythe Poll

I realize these state-by-state graphics are designed to bate rival fans into disagreeing for no reason, but surely even the most ardent Detroit fan doesn’t actually believe that someone on the Red Wings deserved the Conn Smythe when they didn’t win the Cup this year, right? Even those Michigan travel commercials with the Tim Allen voiceover admitted that Malkin was a Conn Smythe no-brainer.

Or maybe the entire state agrees that Rob Scuderi’s defensive contributions went overlooked?


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One Response to “State Of Michigan Still Bitter About Malkin’s MVP”

  1. Smee Says:

    Haha…I saw that poll and was tempted to send it to you, but didn’t. I’m glad to see that it didn’t fall through the cracks on your blog 🙂

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