Dany Heatley Requests Trade After Car Wreck Of A Season

Dany Heatley has reportedly asked the Ottawa Senators for a trade, but before we get all “spoiled fan wishful thinking”-ey about the prospects of Heatley netting 55 goals on Crosby’s wing, there’s this sad trombone paragraph:

Heatley, 28, has four seasons remaining on a six-year, $45 million contract that he signed in 2007. He might be difficult to move as he’ll cost $7.5 million against a team’s salary cap next season.

Yyyyeah, so basically, he’s well out of the Pens’ price range — even if they scrounge up enough to trade for him, which is highly unlikely in itself, or if Ottawa were willing to eat a year of Sergei Gonchar’s deal, the Pens basically wouldn’t be able to dress a fourth line with Heatley’s salary dragging down their cap number, and because he’s locked in for four more years, we can’t even delude ourselves with the arrogant notion that he’d take a discount to play alongside Crosby, which clearly sooo many wingers were willing to do last offseason.

The upside? Barring a huge trade return for Heatley, a major free agent signing, or the overnight maturation of Nick Foligno into a 35-goal-scorer, Ottawa is already shaping up to be a playoff nonfactor in 2009.  If they’re desperate, though, I seem to remember hearing that Miroslav Satan’s still got “30 goal potential”…


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