Pirates Players Still Really Hate Improving

The Pirates have recalled Steve Pearce from AAA Indianapolis after a recent tear brought his numbers to .277 / .363 / .476 with 11 home runs. To make room for Pearce on the roster, backup outfielder Craig Monroe — who is six years older than Pearce and currently hitting .215 / .287 / .354 with 3 home runs (in only 87 PA, but the numbers are right in line with Monroe’s previous two full seasons) — has been designated for assignment.

Kind of a no-brainer, right? The Pirates are improving by bringing up a potential impact power bat who’s only 26 rather than stashing him in the minors to make room for a washed-up seventh outfielder. I imagine the players will all be happy that management is being proactive and making the team immediately better…

It was easy to tell from the reactions of some players in the clubhouse that the move was highly unpopular. (P-G)

Wh…what?? “Highly unpopular?” The players not only cared about the potential release of Craig Monroe, he of 0 pinch hits and 79 total at bats this season, but they were also strongly against it? I understand that he’s a veteran and maybe a good clubhouse guy, and I’m also dwelling on one sentence in the article, but still, how does “release washed-up player who’s not hitting to make room for better, younger, potential part of team’s future” illicit a negative response from anyone? Even Craig Monroe’s parents could see how this helps the team.

Ever since the McLouth trade, are the Pirates players just moping in the clubhouse with demostrative frowns on their faces and their cheeks puffed out and their arms crossed, then they gather themselves for a game, finish the game, then come back in the clubhouse and resume sulking until the next day? ‘Cause that’s the exact image I’m picturing.


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One Response to “Pirates Players Still Really Hate Improving”

  1. Frank Says:

    The Pirates really need to sign some top-level free agents this summer just to cheer this team up.

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