Shero Admits He Won’t Re-Sign Everyone, Keeps Coughing The Words MIROSLAV SATAN

Dave Molinari reports that Ray Shero won’t be looking to re-sign all the Pens’ free agents this offseason, but hasn’t officially named the team’s priorities.

Here’s Shero’s quote about the situation (brackets mine):

“There are a few guys who won’t be offered contracts,” he said, “but I haven’t spoken to [Miroslav Satan] yet.”

“I’m just in the process of talking to [everyone except Miroslav Satan’s] agents,” he said. “It’s pretty premature at this point [except the Satan decision, which is a no-brainer]. I’m just touching base with [everyone but Satan’s] agents and going from there [and by that I mean making sure that we are never in the same room as Satan, a pen, and a piece of paper this offseason, to ensure he doesn’t throw the paper at us and claim that because it touched us it counts as an NHL contract].”


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