Random Speculation: Adam LaRoche To The Mets?

Keeping this week’s theme of random predictions, the Pirates have acquired AAA first baseman Brian Myrow from the White Sox, forcing us to ask the question: Does this mean Adam LaRoche is on his way out?

Myrow is a 32-year-old journeyman (albeit with monster AAA stats),  so he’s likely gonna stick in Indianapolis barring a wave of injuries, but he gives the Pirates the organizational depth at first base to free up a LaRoche trade and allow Steve Pearce to take over at-bats at 1B with Eric Hinske as a backup/spot-starter.

But who would trade anything of value for a veteran 1B who’s four months from free agency? Well, take a look at the New York Mets’ lineup from their 3-0 loss on Tuesday, when they were shut out by right-handed-pitcher Joel Piniero, with their respective home run totals in parenthesis:

1. Cora, SS (0)

2. Murphy, Dn, 1B (5)

3. Wright, D, 3B (4)

4. Tatis, LF (2)

5. Church, RF (2)

6. Santos, O, C (4)

7. Martinez, F, CF (0)

8. Castillo, L, 2B (0)

They’re protecting David Wright with FERNANDO TATIS, a right-handed backup corner infielder with 2 HR in 133 AB this year who probably wouldn’t even make the Pirates’ roster right now, let alone bat cleanup against a right handed pitcher. How much instantly better would this lineup look with LaRoche (11 HR) playing first and batting behind Wright, freeing up a Murphy-Church-Martinez/Tatis-Sheffield platoon in the outfield (and Tatis to spell LaRoche against lefties occassionally)?

The Mets are desperate for a bat, they’re desperate for a first baseman, and they’d be getting three-plus months of a reputed “strong finisher” who’s hit .297/.360/.548 in the second half over his career, if you believe that sort of thing is significant (it certainly doesn’t hurt the situation, at least). It’s already late June anyway, and the Mets would theoretically give up more for LaRoche if they got an extra month out of him, so there’s no reason for either team to wait til the deadline to make this deal, unless posturing for a bigger/smaller return — especially when Omar Minaya is probably extra-gunshy to give up prospects after the Santana deal — holds up trade talks.

And if the Mets don’t want to make the deal, we’ll get LaRoche to change his name to “Jorge Sanchez” so that every publication can trod out its tired “this player should connect with the Mets’ significant Latin fanbase” column, and everyone’s a winner.


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