Pronger Signs Extension, Will Be Sucker-Punching Crosby In The Face Into His 40s


One day after announcing at his introductory press conference that he would “love to finish his career” with the Flyers, Pronger agreed to a seven-year, $34.9 million extension.

Well, he hasn’t even started his Philly career, so I’m not sure how he knows he wants to finish his career there, unless he’s just assuming that his non-stop cheapshotting to the point where refs simply can’t call them all will be more than welcomed by Flyers fans, but still…

Much as I love to irrationally rip on the Flyers brass, I think the Pronger trade was an outstanding move. They did talk up Luca Sbisa a ton last season and basically just 180’d their enthusiasm for him, but two presumably late first round picks in the NHL aren’t really that big of a deal, and the 20-25 goals lost by the departure of Joffrey Lupul should be more than compensated by the full-time insertion of Claude Giroux and James Van Riemsdyk, and helps to offset some of Pronger’s cap hit.

Yes, Pronger’s old, but he’s a physical (dirty) force who moves the puck well, and his skills shouldn’t deteriorate nearly as dramatically as the New-NHL-useless Derian Hatcher. The Flyers are acquiring the best player in the deal, they have tons of forward depth to make up for a couple years of not drafting in the first round, and the trade unquestionably makes them a better team right now, regardless of whether or not Sbisa eventually flourishes in Anaheim.

So, well done. A-holes.


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