Joe Sakic Announces Retirement; Canadiens Now Rushing To Trade For Him

Joe Sakic officially announced his retirement from the NHL after a 20-year career with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche franchise. In response to the news that the aging veteran has deemed himself no longer fit to continue playing professional hockey, the Montreal Canadiens have instantly rushed to trade for the retired forward.

“I know he’s not gonna be playing,” said Canadiens GM Bob Gainey, “But if we can just somehow add Joe Sakic’s gigantic cap hit to our numbers, it would be the perfect culmination to our offseason of ungodly spending.”

Gainey added, “If we can give up a decent young player or two in this deal, all the better. Maybe Louis LeBlanc, the dude we just drafted? Ehh…he’s still pretty untested. Hopefully we can throw in more.”

The Los Angeles Kings are also rumored to be interested in Sakic’s services.

“I don’t care if he plays,” said Kings GM Dean Lombardi. “I don’t even expect Ryan Smyth to be healthy either, quite frankly. But we got a bunch of money lying around, so I was just like, these dudes are veterans, let’s get their names on our roster and they can, I don’t know, lead stuff.”

ESPN’s Scott Burnside reports that the Rangers may also be interested, but their rumored 6-year, $38 mil contract offer to Sakic would put them well over the salary cap, unless they’re able to move Wade Redden to Montreal. GM Glen Sather commented, “It all depends on which totally retarded avenue Montreal decides to go down next, but we’re extremely optimistic.”


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One Response to “Joe Sakic Announces Retirement; Canadiens Now Rushing To Trade For Him”

  1. Shakir Says:

    hey thats new info for me, i am always trying to keep myself upto dated with habs but cant believe i missed on this. anyway holla me at my blog. thanks for the info again!

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