The Roethlisberger Thing

I think it speaks volumes about my personal sports preferences that I spent fifteen minutes GChatting with my friend Dave this morning about Freddy Sanchez’s response to Neal Huntington’s contract extension offer, and what it meant for Huntington and the franchise and for Sanchez’s future and whether or not he’d still fetch anything on the trade market, and only after a long extended period of neither of us typing (I was on the verge of almost doing some work), I mentioned that neither of us had brought up the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault charge.

I’m not ignorant to the potential severity of the issue, but basically, at this point, I have absolutely no opinion to offer; the details are so sketchy, the reporting is all second and third-hand hearsay from a year ago, and no matter what the truth of the matter is or the legal outcome, there really isn’t anything funny about the situation, nor do I have even the slightest amount of insight to shed on the subject.

I greatly prefer talking about trades and free agent signings, analyzing stats, and ripping on the Montreal Canadiens’ offseason as opposed to water-cooler speculation about whether or not the Steelers’ quarterback sexually assaulted someone in a hotel room in 2008, especially when the conversation doesn’t go much farther than “Yeah man…this sucks…what a weird story.” When more info leaks out (or when ESPN breaks their mysterious silence on the matter), maybe I’ll have some kind of quarter-informed opinion to toss out.

Until then, though, we’re a week from the MLB non-waiver trade deadline, so I’ll just focus on what I love to focus on: Rooting really hard for the Pirates to make crazy deals to get prospects I suddenly want because I looked up their A-ball stats, even though I hadn’t heard of them before last week. Comeooooonnnnnnnn, LaRoche/Sanchez/Grabow/Duke/Maholm package deal…



One Response to “The Roethlisberger Thing”

  1. yinzer b Says:

    LaRoche down. 4 more to go

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