YARRRRRs And Ends (That Means Pirate Odds And Ends)

— Was Brandon Moss whimpering after his walk-off homer against Milwaukee?

Moss Face

— A stellar comment on the PBC Blog post about no cash being included in the LaRoche trade:

WhyStanBelinda wrote re: No cash included in LaRoche trade

Neil should be banned from trading with the Red Sox by Selig.  You are not getting good value from them.  I’m not saying Jed Lowie [SIC], but Lars Anderson would have looked nice.  They have Kotsay spot starting.

“Look, I’m not saying the Red Sox were gonna give up Jed Lowrie, a solid middle infield prospect, for two months of Adam LaRoche. All I’m saying is, they might have given up their TOP PROSPECT IN THEIR ENITRE SYSTEM for two months of Adam LaRoche. Hunnington u r so gay!!!!!”

Bob Smizik’s Blog offers a well-deserved nod to the Pirates’ improved pitching depth this season. Try to read this paragraph without wincing:

In 2008, John Van Benschoten, Yoslan Herrera and Matt Morris all got five starts for the Pirates. Jimmy Barthmaier got three. Their earned run averages for the season, respectively, were: 10.48, 9.85, 9.87 and 9.85. That’s the house that Littlefield built.

Ahhhh!!! Can we please never speak of the ’08 pitching staff ever again? I feel like those numbers just undid my entire offseason of psychological counseling. Thanks!

— Pat From WHYGAVS posits reasons why the Pirates might be shaving payroll this season. Obviously, anything is speculative without seeing a team’s books, which are undisclosed, but the reasoning appears sound.

— And some good news, the Pirates signed 7th round draft pick Trent Stevenson, one of their supposed higher-upside, above-slot type selections. Several Bucs Dugout commenters have floated the theory that the timing of the signing might be a ploy by the front office to retain some positive press in the wake of the LaRoche trade, but…is any actual Pirate fan upset about the LaRoche trade?


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One Response to “YARRRRRs And Ends (That Means Pirate Odds And Ends)”

  1. Pittsburgh Fan Says:

    Unable and mostly unwilling to keep up with the Pirates roster carosel, who the hell is this Jones and where does he play? Ahh … great idea Hopper. For all those days that you don’t post something here either because you don’t have anything to post or have run out of hilarious stories you should do some bios on the players the Pirates have in their roster now. Main reason for this is because I don’t know these new guys and the second reason is I am to lazy to look it up myself other than coming to this site and hoping to see some background info on them. Hey thanks! I check your web site everyday so I hope to see something soon. oh ya … any comments on that brown pin striped suit Big Ben was wearing at his press conference. Two things came from that … he is not a rapist and his mother still lays out embarassing things for him to wear in the morning! Latr

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