Take THAT, Steve Coonelly!

Making fun of angry commenters on the Post-Gazette’s PBC Blog is like shooting angry fish in a barrel of repetitiveness, but the following comment, on a post entitled “Pirates’ moves pared $7.3 million,” is just pure, mindlessly-angry internet gold:

PBC Comment Coonelly

OH SNAP! You are not the president of the Pirates but in fact the president of BULL CRAP!!! BUUUUUULLLL CRAAAAAAAPPP!!!! Nanny nanny boo booooo!! LOLOLOLOL

“Steve Coonelly,” for the record, is a combination of Frank Coonelly and Steve Coogan, the British comic actor. He has split his time between running the Pirates and starring in Night At The Museum sequels. He also just got SERVED with logic!


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4 Responses to “Take THAT, Steve Coonelly!”

  1. jmarinara Says:

    Just out of curiosity, why do we give a crap what you think of a particular comment on another blog?

    This blog is beginning to suck.

  2. Tim Says:

    Because it’s funny. I want to smoke whatever it is that a lot of those PG blog trolls smoke, because they sure write some flippin’ surreal shit.

  3. Pittsburgh Fan Says:

    @jmarinara … first that is a gay name, second this blog is freakin’ the best (not only for the insight but the hilarious nature in which he posts his thoughts), and three inter-blog bashing is the way of 2010 so get with the times because this blog is already into the future. Keep up the good work and more Pirate news please like how have you noticed that there is more Pirate coverage on ESPN now that all these trades have taken place. Like did you see since the duo of Sanchez and Wilson are now gone other players know how to turn a double play? That is AMAZING!!

  4. EastPleaseThese Says:

    Finally, I can just click on the Steve Coonelly tag to filter all the posts I care about.

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