One Thing Bob Nutting Didn’t Do…

…Is release a 28-year-old, 2-time-All-Star outfielder with five years remaining on his contract and receive literally nothing in return, which is exactly what the Toronto Blue Jays just did in waiving Alex Rios.

Rios, who was picked up by the White Sox, is hitting a paltry .264 / .317 / .427 with 14 HR in 479 PA this year (and 15 HR all of last year), and scheduled to make around $60 million between now and 2014, not including his 2015 option. Buster Olney estimates that Rios would be worth about a 2-year, $20 mil deal or a 3-year, $30 mil deal if he were a free agent today, meaning that from a straight numerical sense, the Blue Jays may be somewhat justified in their outright release, escaping from an albatross of a contract and possibly improving the team in the long-term if they ultimately re-invest the majority of that money back into baseball operations.

That being said, given the level of outrage from many Pirates fans towards Neal Huntington’s unforced baseball trades in the past year and a half, could you imagine the level of fan outrage if Bob Nutting ever allowed something like the Rios release to happen to the Pirates? Nutting would literally be crucified on top of the PNC home plate, then set on fire because the angry fans wouldn’t be able to wait long enough to watch him die from the crucifixion.

Like I said, the Rios release is at least a somewhat justifiable move on Toronto’s part, and the Pirates haven’t had to trade any contracts anywhere close to as unsavory as Rios’ deal, but still, it’s a sobering reminder to casual fans of how mayyybe the Pirates are doing the right thing by dealing for prospects and building from the ground up instead of overpaying their existing core and continuing to lose expensively.

Or at least, it should be. But until Nutting dishes out 4 years, $40 million for Jeff Suppan, he is the devil grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

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    …Is release a 28-year-old 2-time-All-Star outfielder with five years remaining on his contract […]…

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