Zack Von Rosenberg Is A Glass-Half-Full Fellow

In franchise news far more significant than the major-league club’s 8-game losing streak, the Pirates signed pitcher Zack Von Rosenberg, their sixth-round pick (but considered an early-round talent), to a $1.2 million deal over the weekend, the highest amount any team has paid a player outside the first round this draft season.

Chuck Finder has an informative profile on Von Rosenberg and the Pirates’ ongoing draft efforts in the P-G today, which includes, among other things, this humorously backhanded quote of optimism:

“It’s going to be fun, being part of the comeback — 17 [losing] years in the making,” Von Rosenberg said, a reference to the Pirates’ consecutive sub-.500 seasons, before heading to Bradenton last night. “It’s going to be awesome.”

Man, I’m excited — this team has totally blown for SO LONG, it’s gonna be great when us actual major-league talents arrive and start not blowing!

And to be honest, backhanded excitement or not, I couldn’t share his sentiments more completely.


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One Response to “Zack Von Rosenberg Is A Glass-Half-Full Fellow”

  1. PO Says:

    I know ZVR was not intending to dis anyone as I am also sure all Pirates players past and present have been doing their best to compete. The fact is we have not been competitive, and everyone is hoping for a “comeback”. The way the kid said it shows confidence not cockiness, there is a difference. I hope his youthful enthusiasm / idealism is contagious. The kid is a winner if you look at his pedigree and let’s hope he can walk the talk at this level. The sooner the better.

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