Pirates Give Up 10 Runs In One Inning

12:00 – “Oh cool, the Pirates have a game at 2 today, I’m working from home so I’ll be able to have it on in the background. Hopefully it won’t be as crappy as those last two Colorado games.”

2:30-3:20 – Second inning occurs.

3:21 – [Stabs Eyes Out]


2 Responses to “Pirates Give Up 10 Runs In One Inning”

  1. Walt Says:

    Direct Quote from the Pirates radio announcer: “Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. You’ve just witnessed the single worst inning of baseball any of us can remember being endured by a Pirates pitching staff.”

    And yet I can’t stop listening to it. It’s like a slow-motion car crash with a low payroll.

  2. k Says:

    One of the WGN announcers weighed in about the importance of the Cubs not dragging out home run trots or other celebrations from that point on because “the last thing you want to do is show up a team that’s struggling the way the Pirates are struggling here today.”


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