The Billy Mays Tribute Concert In Sto-Rox: Pittsburghest Thing Ever?

The Pirates have won 5 of their last 6 and took consecutive series against the Brewers and Reds — two teams who I’d argue are in the midst of far more disappointing seasons than the Buccos given their preseason expectations — but that’s not the biggest Pittsburgh news of the past week.

The Pittsburgh-est news of the week, and possibly the Pittsburgh-est story ever, was the announcement of a Billy Mays Tribute Concert to take place in Sto-Rox next month. My friend Dave and I reacted to the news with the following GChat conversation:

Me: Dude, Billy Mays tribute concert

Me: Clarks + ??

Dave: i challenge anyone to think of a more burgh concept than a tribute concert for billy mays in sto-rox

Dave: not going to happen

Dave: there is no iris analogy out there to rival this

Me: ehhh, Dave Wannstedt coaching pitt?

David: nay good sir

Me: I wonder who’s gonna perform

Me: Joe Grushecky

Me: Clarks

Me: Clarks with special guest Joe Gruchecky

Me: Foghat or someone?

Dave: i could actually see the now famed ‘poverty neck hillbillies’ giving back to the community for this performance

We’ll have to wait to see the lineup to confirm, but could this in fact be the ‘Burghest Thing Ever? Feel free to leave your yea/nay arguments in the comments.



3 Responses to “The Billy Mays Tribute Concert In Sto-Rox: Pittsburghest Thing Ever?”

  1. Russell Lucas Says:

    Grushecky opens, then after his set The Clarks take the stage. Donnie shows up for a surprise performance, and after he’s finished, Rusted Root takes the stage. The locals do not like Rusted Root, and some bottles are thrown at the stage. People are injured and messes are made. Those messes are cleaned up with Sham WOWs as the ultimate unintentional slap in the face of the deceased “legendary pitchman,” as CNN called him.

  2. jmarinara Says:

    Sometimes, I truely hate this town.

    NO PLACE on earth is more in love with itself than Pittsburgh, and NO PLACE shows this love more by completely blowing out of proportion the celebraty status of it’s celebraties than Pittsburgh.

    The clarks aren’t famous, except around here. Poverty neck hillbillies aren’t famous, except around here. Donny Iris. . . give me a freakin break.

    And in any other town, we wouldn’t care about some two bit pitchman clown like Billy Mays.

    Seriously, it’s a great place to live for a number of reasons. But get over yourself Pittsburgh, act like you’ve been there before.

  3. burghman Says:

    wow ….someone’s got a lot of anger built up….it’s not nessicarily who is the most famous from around here…just who we love.. come on out and see the show

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