Finally, A Replacement For My Jamain Stephens Desktop Wallpaper

If you’re not psyched up for 2009 Steelers football yet, get a load of this wallpaper…

Duce Staley Wallpaper


I sent the link to my friend Doug, who responded with this tragic tale…

Doug: nice
my girlfriend’s dad bought his old rims off of him
times must be tough for old Duce

Ah well. Hopefully he’ll rake in some royalties off the sales of this wallpaper. Oh wait, it’s free? And no one’s ever downloaded it except me for this post? Darn. Guess I’ll go with the Mitch Berger desktop instead.


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2 Responses to “Finally, A Replacement For My Jamain Stephens Desktop Wallpaper”

  1. Mark Says:

    The cool thing is that this collage shows every single play that Duce was involved in as a Steelers – all eight of them.

    I actually heard him hosting a local sports talk radio show when I was driving through S.C. last year.

  2. Sean Says:

    I’d make a “Duce is Loose” reference but all that ever does is make me miss Najeh Davenport.

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