NEWS IN BR…F: Monday, September 14

  • Dozens Injured Jumping Off Texans Bandwagon

  • ESPN Launches New Boston Sports Website, “”

  • Bears’ Cutler Injures Urlacher’s Wrist Probably

  • John Fox Still Thinks Passing TDs Are Worth Too Much In Roger Goodell’s Fantasy League

  • Serena: “My Toes Were Crossed So That Apology Doesn’t Count, F***ers!”

  • McNabb Injury Leaves Philly Media Wondering Who They Should Want Benched In Week 2


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One Response to “NEWS IN BR…F: Monday, September 14”

  1. Pittsburgh Fan Says:

    hey same thoughts on the ESPN Boston … I live in western Mass unfortunately and that is all you hear about … Sox this and Pats that, Celtics here and Bruins there. I have had enough of Boston!! Then I watch ESPN and what are they talking about? How much more Boston is awesomer than anything else. CHOWDER SUX!

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