Tom Brady Pulls Off Clutch Fourth-Quarter Buffalo Dude Fumbling

ESPN’s headline for the Patriots’ 25-24 Win Over The Bills:

Brady Keys Pats Rally


Brady Rallies Patriots Past Bills

Peter King:

Brady could play 20 years in the NFL, and this game will go down as one of the five most memorable, Super Bowls included. It’ll have to.

I’m pretty confused this morning, because in the Patriots/Bills game I watched, Buffalo’s kick returner fumbled a kickoff at his own 30 late in the fourth quarter, thus completely handing the Patriots a game they were essentially out of and allowing them to barely squeak by a terrible Bills team at home in a game in which they were favored by 10 points.

As a Steeler fan, I’ve gotten a lot of firsthand experience in the past year at spotting BS “clutch” quarterback praise the day after a game, but apparently every news publication already had their “Brady Magical Return From Injury” stories ready to roll and just clicked “Publish” as soon as the score went final.

Either way, I expect to see this game near the top of the list when the NFL Network runs their “10 Most Amazing 30-Yard Drives In Regular Season Week 1 At Home Against A Terrible Football Team After Being Handed A Gift-Wrapped Turnover With More Than Enough Time Left” special.

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