WEEK 2: Bears 17, Steelers 14

Didn’t have much motivation to write about this game yesterday, not because of crippling depression or anything, but more just out of general ambivalence towards the outcome. The Steelers didn’t play terribly, but they certainly didn’t play well, and when you miss two makeable field goals and produce no turnovers, you’re going to lose a lot of football games. I have just been awarded a Pulitzer in Groundbreaking Not-Obvious Journalism for my previous sentence. I’d like to thank you all for your support, I couldn’t have won that thing I just made up without you.

Random Thoughts:

Me after the game last week: “Wow, could you imagine a full season of Santonio Holmes playing like he did in the playoffs??”

Me after the game this week: “Never mind.”

— Is there anything more infuriating than watching the opposing coaches celebrate after your team missed a damn field goal? They’re literally just celebrating a random occurrence that reflects no accomplishment on the part of them or any of their players.

— Of course, I was celebrating Tennessee’s missed field goals last week, but when it happens the other way around, you suddenly realize how frickin’ stupid cheering for a missed field goal is. It’s like cheering another team’s delay of game penalty.

— The defense was completely average; granted, they only allowed 17 points, and one of the touchdown drives was extended by a brutal third-down “Announcers silent on the replay cause they can’t really find the infraction” penalty. Still, Chicago converted tons of third downs with ease, Tyrone Carter looked a step slow most of the game, the linebackers couldn’t do anything to Greg Olsen, they got no pressure on Cutler, and no one made any noticeable game-changing, jump-off-the-couch defensive plays.

— It was weird how instantly and dramatically the rain appeared to affect the Steelers’ offense; as soon as the showers started coming down, the offense fell completely out of sync, but it didn’t appear to affect the Bears at all. Unfortunately, this struggling didn’t happen to overlap with the home cities of the respective teams and thus didn’t allow the announcers to point out something like, “The Jacksonville receivers don’t look good today – must not be used to this weather here in Buffalo! One of those cities is hot and the other one is not and that’s what we must be seeing!”

— I didn’t have a final count, but Urlacher and Polamalu were neck-and-neck in the “Injured Dude Sideline Reaction Shot” battle. Urlacher’s gonna run away with that title before the season’s over.

— In the grand tradition of Arrested Development, the run game upgrade itself from a “Don’t Buy” to a “Risky.” Celebrations ensued.

— In general, I’m not overly concerned with the loss. The Steelers weren’t gonna go undefeated, plus they were on the road and missing their best defensive player and missed two easy field goals and created no turnovers and still only lost by 3 points to a potential Division winner (which, in the NFL, means every team but the Lions). If they don’t put up more than 14 points against Cincinnati next week, then yeah, I’ll be inching closer to the panic button, but for now, that 15-1 season is still very possible.

And by “15-1” I mean 15 running plays for a net of more than 1 total yard.


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One Response to “WEEK 2: Bears 17, Steelers 14”

  1. Pittsburgh Fan Says:

    Let me spizzle my thoughts on the game to you now Mr. Hopper, if in fact that is your real name. I didn’t watch the whole game … I really only missed the second quarter and about 3 minutes of the beginning of the third. The first quarter I was really impressed and thought that maybe the offense would sputter out the gate again and we would have another punt-fest on our hands. They controlled the ball, actually ran the ball well, and Ben didn’t make any blunders or huge sacks. Pittsburgh 7 Chicago 0. Wow this should be a good game I thought to myself. Well, I came back to watch the game after halftime and was expecting to see Parker very close to the 100 yard mark and the the score something like 21-0. But no, it wasn’t like that … the Steelers elected not to run the ball even though they could, the defense was giving up wayyyy to many plays to no-name receivers, and Jeff Reed missed the second field goal the same way he missed the first. Really Jeff? You didn’t learn anything on the first try? Then Olsen catches a wobbly pass from Cuntler over the middle and gets rocked by Carter. Was it just me or should Tomlin challenged that the ball was in control by the receiver when it hit the ground and he pulled it out from under him with the ball clearly touching the ground. Hmmmm …. and the defense gave up 10 points in the fourth quarter. Great!

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