Did Rashard Mendenhall Sleep With Ron Cook’s Wife Or Something?

I don’t share the unconditional ire for the Post-Gazette’s Columnists that many bloggers seem to automatically harbor in spades for their hometown publications’ veteran writers, but occasionally, the P-G’s Ron Cook will write something so misguidedly angry and so completely unfounded, I’m actually kind of impressed.

Today’s column is a picture-perfect example of this random venomous hatred:

Steelers’ 2008 draft class a bust so far

Ok, so it’s gonna be an article about the thoroughly disappointing starts of running back Rashard Mendenhall, receiver Limas Sweed, and the already-cut linebacker Bruce Davis. Seems like a logical choice, particularly after Sweed’s TD drop against Cincy and Mendenhall’s mysterious benching.

Only, Cook doesn’t simply point out the factual evidence of Mendenhall and Sweed’s struggles — he is personally, deeply offended by their absolutely outrageous behavior, and when you read these EXTREMELY over-the-line quotes from the players, you will be too. Take it away, Angry Angerson:

But it’s much worse that Mendenhall — the first-round choice — did such a poor job preparing for the game that he was benched by irritated coach Mike Tomlin. This guy is supposed to be a professional? He certainly doesn’t look like one.

Mendenhall’s actions really are reprehensible. “Rashard wasn’t on the details this week,” Tomlin said of his decision not to play him on offense. How can that be? How can Mendenhall let his teammates down like that? How can he let himself down?

“It was a bunch of little stuff,” Mendenhall said when asked what Tomlin meant.

I’m guessing it was more than that. Certainly, Tomlin didn’t consider it to be “little stuff.” Coaches rarely call out a player publicly and embarrass him. That’s a drastic step.

Shame on Mendenhall.

Is he not smart enough to realize the opportunity he has with the Steelers?

Mendenhall’s benching was definitely unusual and disappointing, but I just can’t tell what about either one of those extremely vague single sentences from Tomlin and Mendenhall sparked such an anger in Cook.

Tomlin says that Mendenhall wasn’t “on the details,” Mendenhall himself confirms this, then Cook assumes it’s “more than that” and gets angry at his own assumption. He then performs this:

But like most of Steeler Nation, Cook is even more personally offended by Limas Sweed, who not only dropped a touchdown pass this weekend, but he’s also a blockheaded, coddled, privileged diva about it:

Really, how can anyone have faith in Sweed?

What’s most troubling is that Sweed doesn’t seem to have a clue that his job could be in jeopardy. “It happened. I hit the ground and the ball bounced out,” he said of his latest drop.

That’s pretty lame.

Sweed’s game is lame.

Sweed has some god damned nerve literally saying what happened. If he were a professional, he would have admitted “When I dropped the ball I was like oh shit my job is in jeopardy and I realize that!!!!”

Again, I’m not disputing that Mendenhall and Sweed have been off to terrible career starts that certainly could amount to the 2008 Steeler draft being a waste — no Steeler fan denies this — I just don’t understand why Cook is so bent upon portraying the two underachievers as ignorant pathological failures whose naivety (based on three general quotes and conjecture) should offend each and every one of us.

Is Cook really that angry at these guys, or does he just have to sound this way because a simple “Mendenhall and Sweed have been crappy so far” column would’ve been too obvious?

Either way, the Steelers should bring in Doug Mientkiewicz. That dude knows how to play the game THE RIGHT WAY.


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One Response to “Did Rashard Mendenhall Sleep With Ron Cook’s Wife Or Something?”

  1. John V Says:

    I’d have to say that I am not a consistent basher of Pgh. sports columnists, but Smizik’s “Pitt better show than Pens” post last week set me off.

    After going home for the banner ceremony, its obvious that even with a team that may one day be considered to be the best to ever lace up skates, the city still treats the Pens like an ugly stepchild relegated to having its tongue cut off and living under the stairs.

    When I can go into a store and buy a metal birdhouse with the Steelers logo on it but can’t find a decent pair of male thong underwear with Malkin’s jersey number on it…there is a problem.

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