By The Way, I’m On Vacation

Apologies to my millions of readers who were undoubtedly holding their breath these past couple days and have suffocated as a result (truly sorry), but I’m currently in Europe on vacation from the internet. I’ll be gone until Wednesday the 14th, so if you’re wondering why this stupid blog with a large banner of a Penguin player at the top hasn’t posted anything in the first two weeks of the Penguins’ season, that’s why.

I’ll be back next week to resume whining about the power play, regardless of how it is performing. I’ll also be sure to say hi to Marty Straka over here.

– Dan H.


4 Responses to “By The Way, I’m On Vacation”

  1. John V Says:

    While I could go on for eons about the Pens, there is far, far more important news in Pittsburgh sports right now:


    Damn them. Damn them all to hell.

  2. Pittsburgh Fan Says:

    Did they cut him? I thought he was on the practice squad. I did see him dressed for Sunday night’s game. Too bad Mendenhall decided to actually run with the ball or we could have seen Redman in action. He is probably just back on the practice squad.

  3. John V Says:

    Hopefully he’ll be back on the practice squad, but I believe he’s eligible to be signed at any time by any other team.

    I’ve never been a fan of Parker’s style of running (not enough misdirection) and while I think Redman is a bit too revered for being what he is, I have a feeling that if he ate his Wheaties he could make a nice complement to Mendenhall next year when Parker heads off to greener pastures.

    There is no way the Steelers sign Parker to Bettis money. He’s not worth it.

  4. Pittsburgh Fan Says:

    I did see that he got cut … that does kinda suck for us. Parker is a fine runner but with his injury problems and inability to find the endzone from the 5 yard line and in consistently I don’t see him getting a big contract either. I doubt he will get many looks from other teams but you never know. The Steelers are trying to establish another feature back and get away from the crowded backfield style. This is all dependent on Mendenhall growing into those 1st round shoes. They need a bonafide backup and not someone to share the duties with him. Moore will stay as the third down and versatile 2:00 offense back for less than Parker. Now if we could just deal Sweed and find a Number three in training as I think Wallace will replace old Hines Ward at the end of his contract, stupid Washington!

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