On Tyler Kennedy…

A quick factoid that most Penguin fans including myself tend to forget: Tyler Kennedy is still 23 years old.

It’s an easy detail to overlook with the Pens’ collection of high-end talent still yet to reach peak NHL-player ages (the usual suspects, plus Staal, Letang, Goligoski, and arguably even Fleury), but Tyler Kennedy put up 10 and 15 goals in two partial seasons as a 21 and 22 year old, respectively, and at 23 now already has 5 goals in the Penguins’ first 9 games, all at even-strength.

Does this mean that Kennedy will necessarily keep up the pace and morph into a consistent 25-30 goal scorer? My writer-instincts want me to complete this predictable rhetorical question with the answer “Of course not, but it does mean that he could develop into a consistent secondary scoring threat,” but what the hell, the Pens are playing better out of the gate than any of us expected, and I’m feeling strangely optimistic about the world, so I’ll instead say “Yes, it definitely means Tyler Kennedy will score 30 goals this season, and probably 50.”

Congratulations, Tyler, on me deciding that will happen! You earned it.



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