Pens Gear Up For Annual Blaming Of Anything That Goes Wrong On Gonchar Being Out

Sergei Gonchar is out 4-6 weeks with a broken wrist after being checked awkwardly in the Pens’ 5-1 victory over the Blues Tuesday night. The Pens will most likely shuffle NHL vet Martin Skoula into the 6th defenseman spot and hand Gonchar’s role on the top power play unit to Kris Letang.

As long as Gonchar recovers fully it’s not too big a loss, given the timing in the season and the Pens’ replacement options, but nonetheless, gear yourself up for the following exact scenario to occur 15 times per game for the next 4-6 weeks:

[On the power play, Crosby carries the puck, makes backhand saucer pass at blue line, Pens are Offsides]

Bob Errey: The Pens’ power play really misses Sergei Gonchar right now.

[Repeat x 9,000,000,000]


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One Response to “Pens Gear Up For Annual Blaming Of Anything That Goes Wrong On Gonchar Being Out”

  1. John V Says:

    2nd Period, 1:50 left on the clock: I really miss Sergei Gonchar. Someone needs to write a blog post about this.

    I’m hoping Gogo picks it up. It’d be nice to know our team isn’t solely dependent on one player, but the first two periods of this game aren’t giving me a lot of hope.

    And Guerin be damned. Had he not come to the Pens and taken Gogo’s number, We could call him Golgo 13.

    Don’t pretend like that joke went over your head, McWhinypants.

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