Marian Gaborik’s Twelve-Game Ironman Streak In Jeopardy Following Unforseeable Injury

Who could’ve seen this coming?

Gaborik Headline

“That’s why we signed him,” gushed GM Glen Sather. “To make an impact, then get hurt and spend 2-80 weeks away from the team while people keep saying how good the Rangers are gonna be when Gaborik comes back.”

I’m pretty sure “Gaborik scores 2, leaves game with injury” is one of the default headlines whenever someone starts a sports publication. It’s the NHL’s version of the “I’m running late” text message.


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3 Responses to “Marian Gaborik’s Twelve-Game Ironman Streak In Jeopardy Following Unforseeable Injury”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Gaborik’s hurt and this shocks…..who?

    Thank God there are constants in hockey. The Devils are boring, the Pens’ power play sucks but they win a lot anyway, and Gaborik’s hurt. Back to normal!

  2. John V Says:

    Beat me to the punch.

    Up here in “De Nort'”, the Star Tribune writers had a Word doc template that all they did was fill in the number of goals that night, what period he got hurt in, and how long he would be out for.

    No way is a player worth that kind of money when he has missed 40% of his games.

    Oh well, at least you still have Jagr and Gomez. 🙂

  3. Heyyou Says:

    This guy has no guts. How can someone be as physically imposing (he’s a pretty big guy) as he is and still be such a wimp. Big talent, but no grit whatsoever. Gabby’s got a bruise does he? Poor thing.

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