Alexei Morozov Resurfaces, Scores Actual Goal

Former Penguins prospect / scorer-against-the-Devils Alexei Morozov (aka “Aleksey” Morozov) resurfaced on the front of ESPN’s NHL page today after scoring an overtime winner in an international tournament:

HELSINKI — Russia won the four-nation Karjala Cup on Sunday after Alexei Morozov scored in overtime to clinch a 4-3 victory over the Czech Republic.

The win puts Russia out of reach of Finland, which routed Sweden 7-0 in the late game Sunday.

Wow, Alexei Morozov actually scored? He didn’t just dazzle the Czechs with his ‘limitless untapped potential’ and people thinking he was fast cause his name sounds like he should be fast?

I guess the Czechs are the Devils of Europe?


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2 Responses to “Alexei Morozov Resurfaces, Scores Actual Goal”

  1. k Says:

    He’s actually been amazing for them, since the day they made him the captain I think Russia is something like 20-0 when he plays, and I think he has the single-season Russian Superleague scoring record.

  2. Dan Hopper Says:

    Yeah, he scored 30 goals three straight years in the Superleague, but doesn’t matter — Konstantin Koltsov could score 80 goals in an NHL season and I’m still not gonna NOT make fun of Craig Patrick’s draft legacy.

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