You Will Not Believe What Mike Tomlin Said About This Bengals Game

The 6-2 AFC North-leading Cincinnati Bengals come to Heinz Field to play the 6-2 Steelers this Sunday in a showdown with first place in the division hanging in the balance.

Knowing Mike Tomlin, I assume his comments to the press about this game were somewhere along the lines of, “I’m not really worried about Cincinnati, we almost beat ’em last time so we’ll probably beat them at home, plus we’re seven point favorites, so I think we got this one in the bag and it’s time to start thinking about our first Playoff game.”

Wait, that’s NOT what he said??

Mike Tomlin Bengals Quote

He called the game “BIG”?????????????????????

No. Effing. Way.

You’re telling me that the Steelers’ coach, who’s famous for very publicly building up even the weakest Steeler opponents to ensure that the team never overlooks a game, is calling the very obviously critical Sunday game against the Bengals “big”? You have got my attention, Post-Gazette headline.

Hopefully tomorrow’s headline will mention whether or not Tomlin respects the Bengals’ offense. I am guessing that he will say that he does not respect them, but I have been proven wrong before.


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