Penguins 6, Bruins 5 (OT): Well, That Was Ridiculous

Not the best game for the Pens’ D, Brent Johnson or (for the first time ever) the power play, but nothing mattered — last night surpassed Jordan Staal vs. Detroit from last year as the most exciting Penguins regular season game since… I don’t know… something memorable Rico Fata probably did.

Not to be overlooked with Guerin’s game-tier or Dupuis’ bizarre winner were an insane deflection by Crosby, goals by Mark Eaton AND Jay McKee (on a Mike Rupp backhander), and…another goal by Pascal Dupuis.

Did this really happen?


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2 Responses to “Penguins 6, Bruins 5 (OT): Well, That Was Ridiculous”

  1. John V Says:

    The saddest part about Guerin performing that miracle is that the truest miracle of the night has been completely overlooked:

    McKee scored a goal. A pretty one.

    Seriously, this guy is out of his mind. I vaguely remember watching something about how he tapes frakkin foam to the outside of his skates because he’s a human wall that will block your soul from entering heaven. He’s like a Hanson brother without the hyperopia.

    Game was amazing though. I think I accidentally stepped on a chinchilla when I leapt off the couch and started my freakout. What a team.

  2. k Says:

    I honestly never realized that Bergeron broke his stick and that was what caused the turnover. Unreal.

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