Place Your Bets: Who’s Getting Injured In The Pens Game Tonight?

Maxime Talbot and Sergei Gonchar are both scheduled to return for the Pens against Ottawa tonight, which can only mean one thing: Someone else is getting injured in tonight’s game. The only question is, who?

I feel like a Crosby or Fleury injury would be too on-the-nose for this season, so I don’t think Pen-karma will go quite that far, and Eaton going down to complete the cycle of injured opening night defensemen would be the easy choice, so I’m not gonna go there either.  I’m predicting it’ll be a more minor player, but with a more major injury than we’ve seen so far, just to keep things interesting / annoying.

My prediction: I’m putting $50 on Craig Adams going out 4-6 months with a lower body injury.

My friend Doug bets on a Talbot re-injury in the middle of the game tonight, which isn’t a bad prediction either — you can practically already hear Bob Errey saying “We haven’t seen Max Talbot since he went down the runway in the middle of the second period, no word on his condition yet, hopefully it’s not anything serious…”

Anyone else want to throw an injury prediction on the record? Feel free to leave ’em in the comments.

UPDATE: Mark Eaton is “questionable” tonight. Why wouldn’t he be?


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2 Responses to “Place Your Bets: Who’s Getting Injured In The Pens Game Tonight?”

  1. Jmarinara Says:

    I think Goddard will go down with a torn ACL.

  2. John V Says:

    My money is on Crosby going down over the next ten days. We have four games next week and I have a sinking feeling he’s going to “get some rest” when it comes out that he’s playing through some injury. It would explain why he looks like he’s missing a gear out there.

    I can’t decide if the rash of injuries in the NHL is indicative of something real, or alot of players getting two weeks off to counter-balance playing in the Olympics and the stretch of the remaining season.

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