NEWS IN BR…F: Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I apologize for my lengthy holiday absence (actually I don’t apologize, I really liked being away from the internet for a while, but “I apologize” seemed like a nice obligatory thing to post upon my return), but now I’m back to the grind, so the three of you can rest easy!!! And by “grind,” of course, I mean “grinding out” stupid joke headlines. Enjoy!

  • McGwire Forgets To Write Book To Promote With Steroid Admission

  • Carroll Asks NCAA Investigators If He Can Bum Ride To Seattle

  • Cardinals Successfully Outbid Mysterious, Mustachioed Rival GM “Bott Scoras” For Holliday

  • Carroll Says He’s Looking Forward To Challenge Of Coaching “Fewer NFL-Caliber Players”

  • Cowboys Players Begrudgingly Cancel January Vacation Plans


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