Andy Sutton Suspended 2 Games For Cheap Shot On Dupuis; Islander Announcers Almost Agree

Andy Sutton has been suspended 2 games by the NHL for boarding Pascal Dupuis in Tuesday night’s Pens/Islanders game.

I was watching the local Islanders coverage when Sutton murdered Dupuis, causing him to bleed all over the ice, and while the biased-ass Islanders announcers all begrudgingly agreed that it was a penalty, the coverage then went ice level with Butch Goring, who offered this rambly assessment (I’m paraphrasing):

“The game happens so fast these days, sometimes guys turn and you just can’t hold up. Although I guess that’s not really what happened here. Players know in the NHL now, when you hit someone from behind, you’re probably gonna get a boarding penalty, you just don’t know if it’s gonna be two minutes or five minutes, and this time, it’s a five.”

Which is basically a roundabout way of saying, Andy Sutton boarded the crap out of Dupuis and it was really cheap and he’s gonna get suspended. Why even mention the “players turn so fast” part if you then admit that wasn’t the case here? And there were only two minutes left in the game and the Islanders were trailing, so even if it was a 2-minute penalty it would’ve cost them the game — how does that in any way factor into Sutton’s thinking?

Basically, I’m just mentioning this to the friends of mine who constantly point out the biases in the Steigerwald/Errey FSN Penguins coverage, which obviously is quite often justified, but other announcing teams are usually just as biased as the Pens’ guys, and often to a less informed and more illogical degree. Anyone with the Center Ice Package who’s watched a Lightning game or heard Chico Resch defend a penalty by the Devils knows what I mean.

Below, video of Sutton’s hit. Even this kid thinks the suspension is justified.


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