Penguins 2, Flyers 1: No Such Thing As A Crappy Win (Except When It’s Really Crappy)

Yayyyyyy!!!! What a terrible way to win a terrible game!

How many crappy things happened in this game? Let us count the crapways:

Crappy Thing #1: Brent Johnson lets in another goal from 270 degrees behind the net. He plays fine after this, but still, it’d be nice if this stopped happening.

Crappy Thing #2: The Flyers get a goal waived off and a two-minute penalty assessed on a play where there never was an audible whistle. Only two possible explanations for this:

A) Simon Gagne grappling with Malkin didn’t become a penalty until the split-second in between the Flyers’ initial shot on goal and Mike Richards’ rebound, and the refs’ intent to whistle was established riiiiight before the puck went into the net.

B) Simon Gagne grappling with Malkin was a penalty before the Flyers’ initial shot on goal, but the ref just plum didn’t get around to blowin’ that dang whistle.

You can’t call this penalty a “two goal swing” even though the Pens scored on the resulting power play (if you get scored on by the Pens’ power play right now, it’s your own damn fault), but it was definitely a one-goal swing in that it literally took a goal off the board from the Flyers for something that NBC never totally explained. The Philly fans barely even booed (especially in comparison to the goalie interference penalty on Hartnell earlier in the period, which was also a bad call) because no one knew what the hell was going on.

Bunch more crappy crap to cover, so let’s move on:

Crappy Thing #3: At the end of the second period, NBC noted that the Prime Scoring Chances were “Penguins 14, Flyers 10”. I think they confused “Prime Scoring Chances” with “Breaths Of Air Taken”, and even then I’m not sure the Pens had 14 of them in the first two periods of this snoozefest.

Crappy Thing #4: Despite the waived-off goal (or perhaps because of it), the Flyers ended up with nine power plays in this game, at least three of which were never replayed / explained on NBC. There basically were no whistles in the game that weren’t immediately followed with a “Power Play – 2:00” timer on the scoreboard and me asking my tv, “Whoa wait, what happened?”

Crappy Thing #5: After all the physical play and message-sending attempts, the go-ahead goal came after one of those dumbass New NHLTM “Puck Over The Glass” penalties. It felt like winning a beer pong game by your opponent’s girlfriend drunkenly knocking over his last cup.

Crappy Thing #6: Was there a single skilled or impressive play made all game by either teams’ skilled players? Sportscenter’s highlight reel for this game should consist of the stock ‘Philly game back-from-commercial’ B-roll of someone making cheesesteaks followed by just the final score. Although granted, this is Sportscenter’s highlight reel for all NHL games, including higher-scoring ones and games not involving Philly in any way.

Crappy Thing #7: Another biting scandal? It’s been done.

Bottom line, the Pens snag two points in a divisional road game, and no matter how legitimate the Flyers’ gripes may have been with the waived-off goal, they still went 1-for-9 on the power play at home against Brent Johnson. That fact won’t be on the Flyers’ 09-10 DVD of Great Facts.

Rangers at MSG Monday night. I’m warming up by yelling “JESUS CHRIST, COVER EFFING GABORIK” all day at work.


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