Good News, Pirate Fans: Lastings Milledge Has Been Born

Any Bucco fans wondering whether or not 2010 will be the season the enormous skills of Lastings Milledge finally come to fruition, look no further than this quote from his father, that proves unequivocally that it will definitely happen this season:

“This is the first time I’ve seen smiles on his face,” the father said of Lastings Milledge… “Everything is like he’s born, like it’s the first time it ever happened. If he’s got a smile on his face, he can play.”

Um…I guess that’s a good thing? Lastings Milledge is smiling for the first time ever, like he’s been born. Before you’re born, you literally cannot smile. But when he’s smiling, oh boy, look out, it means he can play! Even though we’ve never seen it before and thus have no prior evidence. Huh?

Bottom line, I am now expecting nothing short of .300 / .420 / 580 and 40 homers from Smiley Milledge. I believe that’s fair.


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