Random Trade Speculation: Tomas Vokoun To The Capitals?

Let’s start an unsubstantiated trade rumor! How about…

Caps Get: G Tomas Vokoun

Panthers Get: F Tomas Fleischmann, First Round Pick, and G Jose Theodore

Eh? Make any sense?

The Capitals get the legit goalie they need for a Cup run this year and for the 2010-11 season (and beyond, if they sign him to an extension), giving up one of their many talented forwards and a first round pick they don’t need.

The Panthers get a 25-year-old winger with 30-goal potential, plus a first round pick, for a goalie they only have under control for one more season (and if precedent means anything, who will almost assuredly not re-sign with Florida when he’s unrestricted).

Moving Jose Theodore as part of the deal would allow the Capitals to stay under the cap, plus he’s a free agent in the offseason, so Florida can let him go and will have in essence cleared the $6.3 mil they would’ve owed Vokoun in 2010-11, and they can re-sign the RFA Fleschmann for around $3 mil a year with ease.

Vokoun certainly will have his fair share of suitors this trade deadline, but almost every other contending team would have to send salary back to Florida to make the deal work (as would the Caps, but Florida would only have to pay Theodore for a month and can let him go in the offseason), and the other Eastern Conference contender most desperate for a goalie, Philly, doesn’t have a first round pick in the next draft, and they wouldn’t part with Claude Giroux, James Van Riemsdyk, or Jeff Carter for a year and a month of a $6 mil goalie.

Plus the proposed trade would involve swapping a Tomas for a Tomas, which is awesome. That clinches it: This will definitely happen.


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