ESPN Takes Another High-Larious Swipe At Hockey

“Dammit, fellow ESPN execs — that Olympic Gold Medal game gave the NHL waaayyy too much positive exposure. If we don’t squelch this momentum now, people might actually falsely believe that this niche Canadian cult thing is as important as regular season college basketball games or NFL Draft coverage nine weeks before the event occurs. Any suggestions? Yes, Jenkins?”

“How about we make another poll on ripping on hockey for no reason, even though we’d never do a poll questioning the importance or watchability of a sport that our network owns the broadcasting rights to?”

“Brilliant. Make it happen. Remember to put it on the NHL page, too, so it specifically insults people who’ve gone the extra step to find our hockey coverage. And make the jab at hockey really really lame, too, so the unfunnyness matches the lack of necessity…”

“That should take care of that. Next item on the agenda: Combining NFL Draft coverage and after-the-fact NBA Trade Deadline Talk into some sort of all-in-one, Devastator-like ESPN Behemoth. Ideas, anyone? Something involving radiation?”


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