They Even Love Pittsburgh Over In Israel

Sorry for spotty posting the past two weeks (i.e., zero posts), I wasn’t just numbed into silence by the Roethlisberger situation, but rather, I was traveling across worlds to the nation of Israel.

To prove it, check out these Hebrew Pittsburgh shirts (note the lack of a Pirates one):

Before we get all big-headed about how awesomely international our teams are, I will point out that just to the left of these shirts was a Hebrew Toronto Raptors shirt, so I think they’re more or less just random. Or maybe they’re just a really unique cross-section of fans that love Pittsburgh sports but fill the basketball void with a random affinity for Chris Bosh. Yeah, it’s probably that.


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One Response to “They Even Love Pittsburgh Over In Israel”

  1. Peggy Says:

    What store did you see the Penguin shirts in while you were in Israel. My sister lives in Israel and I want her to pick a couple up for me.


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