Capitals 4, Penguins 3 (OT-SO): “Third Period” Sounds So Much Like “Turd Period”

Man, that Jose Theodore is some regular season goalie, isn’t he? He turned in another stellar regular season performance last night to earn the Capitals another crucial 2 regular season points. A lot of people had questions about whether or not Theodore would ever be a truly elite goaltender in the regular season (when it matters), and he is proving those doubters wrong with his clutch regular season play. No doubt about it: The Caps are definitely set in goal for a very long regular season run.

Yeah, sure, I’m a little bitter. Sure, I had my first “remote throw across the room” in front of our new third roommate (welcome to the club, buddy! I take things too seriously!), but honestly, I’m so frickin’ numb to seeing the Capitals score against the Pens at this point that any time they let a shot go, it either goes in and I make a “Whatever” W with my hands, or it somehow doesn’t go in and I party for three hours (I do this on every shot).

Could there have been ANYTHING more certain than the Pens blowing that 2-1 lead in the third? I considered renting a supersonic Lear Jet from a Lear Jet rental agency (those exist right?) and hurrying to Vegas faster than the speed of sound during the second intermission in the hopes that I might possibly get to a casino in time to put my life savings on the Pens blowing that third period lead. Damn — if I’d managed to get that $460 on the Pens blowing that lead, with the 1-to-80,000,000,000 odds of it happening, I would have like, $460 and a fraction of a cent right now! Eh, hindsight’s always twenty-twenty.

Complaining along…

The Pens lucked out with the officiating last night too; their power plays were justified (plus if you actually get scored on by the Pens’ power play with Gonchar and Malkin out, you should just lose 10 points in the standings), but the Capitals clearly should’ve had at least 2 or 3 more power plays themselves, which would’ve resulted in 2 or 3 more goals, and I would’ve thrown the remote much earlier then had the privilege of missing the rest of the game to collect the batteries, which would’ve been preferable.

Maybe Fleury should try doing even more poke checks in the shootout? Like, do some poke checks before the shootout even starts, then poke check the list of shooters out of the ref’s hand, then keep poke checking while the Pens are shooting on the other end, and do them in the locker room afterwards and on the flight home and while showering and in his dreams?

While we’re handing out blame, could Ruslan Fedotenko possibly be any more gone next season? Can we just expedite the process and ship him to Boston today so he can play with Mark Recchi and Miro Satan? I know we’re counting on his two random playoff goals this season, but there’s also an outside chance that a good player replacing him might also score two random playoff goals in a given postseason. Not that the Pens have anyone much better at the moment, but I wouldn’t be totally against dressing Talbot, Rupp, and Adams and giving Fedotenko a (fort)night off.

Even though the Pens blew their extra point here, their schedule sets up favorably down the stretch. They play almost exclusively at home, and other than games against Philly on Saturday and another Versus game against the Caps, they play only teams out of the East’s Top 8. And by sets up “favorably”, I mean, sets up for a nice, annoying-ass overtime loss against the Maple Leafs Sunday when some AHL dude with a weird name scores his first career goal on a perfect, untouched deke. Looking forward to it!


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One Response to “Capitals 4, Penguins 3 (OT-SO): “Third Period” Sounds So Much Like “Turd Period””

  1. AD Says:

    Great analysis as usual. Are you putting any blame on Bylsma?? I mean, Guerin…Kunitz? What’s it take for Staal to get in an attempt? Even Ponikarovsky or Tyler Kennedy? Guerin didn’t even make a move….he skated down and just shot it. Boooo Bylsma.

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