Here’s An Arrogant Dave Wannstedt Quote

Remember two years ago when Dave Wannstedt was in danger of getting fired by Pitt and kept pleading to the media that he was positive he had the program going in the right direction, and came off as more than a little desperate?

Consider that buried in the past — this quote, following Wannstedt’s two-year contract extension earlier today, seems just a tad on the arrogant side:

“With the last couple of years we’ve had, in most cases coaches would be out there shopping their name around and exploring other jobs,” Wannstedt said. “People here know that’s not what I’m about. They know this is my last job. I’m totally committed to this city and this university.”

Wannstedt added, “I’m glad you didn’t even think of calling me for your head coaching vacancies, USC and Notre Dame, because I would’ve had to be like ‘you can GO TO HELL cause I’M STAYING PUT!!!’ and everyone at Pitt would’ve cheered and demanded I crowd surf through them so they could touch the martyr that I am with their own human fingers. Although seriously you guys, I could totally leave for a better job if I wanted to.”

“Also, Jessica Biel – I am not going to fuck you. I am committed to my WIFE. So don’t even begin to ask, because it’s not gonna happen, even though I know you want this.”


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