Vin Scully Is Olde Timey And Awesome

The L.A. Daily News printed this Q&A with Dodgers’ Hall-of-Fame broadcaster Vin Scully; the whole article is definitely worth reading, particularly for Scully’s amazing quotes about seat-engineering, rap, and his genuinely touching “goosebump test”, but this one answer may be my favorite thing ever said in an interview:

Q: Music is still an important part of your daily preparation, right?

A: I guess my philosophy has always been to play something up-beat, a musical, while I’m driving to the park. Anything that’s full of beans, peppy.

(Last part bolded for Olde Timey awesomeness)

From now on, any time I enjoy a thing, be it music, food, people, whatever, I’m referring to it as “full of beans”. And if people are like, “Huh?” I’m gonna yell at them “I wish you were Vin Scully! Why aren’t you Vin Scully!!!” and run into my room crying and slam the door.


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