Chat With Fake Ed Bouchette: Big Ben Edition

Ben Roethlisberger won’t be facing criminal charges but still apologized to the Steelers and their fans yesterday for his conduct, and may be facing an uncertain future with the organization as well as a possible suspension from either the team or the league.

For more details on the situation, let’s make up a fake chat with notoriously chat-hating Post-Gazette Steelers beat writer, Ed Bouchette. Take it away, Fake Ed!

CrosbyRocket87: With Roethlisberger facing charges and Super Bowl hero Santonio gone, which players do you see stepping in and taking more of a leadership role this year? Polamalu? James Harrison?

Ed Bouchette: Roethlisberger is facing a civil lawsuit, not criminal charges.

5thRounderyouSERIOUS: If the Steelers were to trade Ben, what kind of draft picks could they expect in return?

Ed Bouchette: NFL Draft Picks.

BlacknGoalie29: Would Ben’s pricey long term deal possibly hurt his trade value for potential suitors, or in an uncapped year is that less of a concern?

Ed Bouchette: Hurt his value how, like give it a paper cut?

jeff: Hey Ed, love the chats. My question is, do you think the steelers might consider releasing ben and signing marc bulger a pittsburgh native then letting bulger, dixon, and batch battle it out in training camp? Then if they release one of the three or put one on the practice squad they can draft a quarterback this year – maybe a riskier, mid-major guy in the second or third round – without having to rush them in there with the weak offensive line (and could use their first pick on a lineman). What do you think?

Ed Bouchette: No.

OvechGayn8: The Steelers are deservedly taking a lot of flak for the back-to-back controversies over Holmes and Ben, but if two other teams in the NFL willingly trade for those guys, what does it say about them?

Ed Bouchette: It’s not going to somehow turn into a person and grow a mouth and “say” anything out loud because that would be impossible.

33FireArians: If the Steelers were to trade or release Ben, how much of his signing bonus would they still be on the hook for? Would picking up some of his salary be a negotiating point in possible trades?

Ed Bouchette: On what hook? The movie “Hook” with Robin Williams? You’re an idiot.

TigR H8R: With their top wide receiver suddenly shipped to the Jets and their quarterback possibly facing suspension or trade, how does this impact the Steelers’ draft strategy for 2010?

Ed Bouchette: Shut up.

Ed Bouchette: That’s all for today, thanks.


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4 Responses to “Chat With Fake Ed Bouchette: Big Ben Edition”

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