Steelers Uncover Massively Significant Inside Info On SMU Receiver Sanders

This revelation about SMU wide receiver and Steeler third-round pick Emmanuel Sanders sounds exciting:

Oooh, oooh, what kind of inside info? He had a minor injury during the combine that no one else knew about, so he’s actually faster than his 40 time reflected? He was heavily recruited by bigger colleges but only went to SMU cause of some specific connection? He’s changed his workout regimen from his college career and is primed to enter the NFL far stronger than when he was originally scouted?

So what’s the INSIDE INFO?? Gimme the juicy details!

…During the process of evaluating Sanders as a possible replacement for Santonio Holmes, the Steelers received a character reference and scouting report about the 5-foot-11, 180-pound receiver from an unlikely source…

“I’m pretty proud of Emmanuel,” [Pitt Defensive Coordinator and former SMU coach Phil] Bennett was saying the other day, less than 24 hours after the Steelers selected Sanders with the 82nd pick in the National Football League draft. “He was gung-ho from the day he got on campus. He made everyone around him better. He loves to play the game of football. We used to call him ‘Go-Go’ because he never stops.”

WOW! His nickname was “Go-Go”??? That is some SERIOUS inside info, Steelers. If that inside info was on ESPN, it’d be in their Inside Insider section, the section where Insider subscribers have to subscribe to an even more Inside service because the info is so inside, it’d be too outside if it was just on regular Insider.

AND he loves to play the game of football? This guy’s the total package! In your FACE, teams that passed on Sanders because you thought he did not like to play the game of football! The Steelers got the INSIDE INFO on his football love from his former coach, the only one who could know or assume that!

Good thing for the Steelers that these bombshells never leaked to the press, cause Sanders would’ve rocketed up the draft charts and ended up with some team that values football-liking and nicknames about going above all other football skills. Meaning, he’d be a Raider.


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