GAME THREE: Penguins 2, Canadiens 0 – Pens Still Can’t Finish Or Play D, Win

Let’s review yesterday’s 8 Obvious Observations Heading Into Game 3 and see how the Pens fared:

1. Crosby needs to score. [Nope]

2. Malkin needs to score. [Yep]

3. Fleury needs to play better. He’s quietly allowed 6 goals on 52 shots this series for a Save Pct. of .885. [Definitely]

4. Guerin and Kunitz need to do anything, ever. [Nope – Guerin didn’t play, and Kunitz played badly enough to suck for the both of them]

5. Brooks Orpik needs to not leave dudes open in the slot then take pointless holding penalties behind the net, directly resulting in two goals. [Yep]

6. Alexei Ponikarosvky has been playing more noticeably this series than he did against Ottawa, but it’d be awesome if he ever found himself in the same zipcode as the scoresheet. [Nope]

7. Hal Gill needs to not be allowed to randomly bear hug dudes. [Yep – His penalty led to the Malkin power play goal]

8. Halak? Whatever. Fucking score on him. [Ehhhh…not really]

So the Pens went 4-for-8, and squeaked out a win. Hopefully they can up that number to 5 or 6 for Game 4 and wrap this series up (8-for-8 would be awesome and Cup-worthy, but I’ve basically given up hope for #4 or #6 ever happening). Tyler Kennedy hitting the net would be a nice change of pace too, but let’s not go nuts. I’ll take the W.



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