The Brewers Clearly Just Watched The Matrix

Last night’s Pirates/Brewers game included a number of unusual plays, including most notably Ryan Braun attempting to take third base while the bag was uncovered during a defensive shift, but Andy LaRoche turned around and instantly tagged him for the second out in the ninth.

Judging by the Brewers’ postgame quotes, I’m guessing they happened to catch The Matrix on their hotel tvs last night:

Braun looked behind him, saw no shortstop Ronny Cedeno as backup, and bolted for third. A few steps later, he turned and headed back to second — where LaRoche had that angle covered, too. LaRoche dived and tagged him.

“He did, like, some ‘Matrix’ [stuff] or something, I don’t know,” Braun said.

I know what you’re saying: “Big deal – ONE Matrix reference in the Brewers’ postgame comments? Quit wasting my time, Hopper. Time is money. Money is power. Drugs are the women. Scarface.” Ha! You just quoted nothing, person I made up!

But the Matrix refs didn’t stop with Braun — take it away, awesome Randy Wolf quote:

…the RBI single led to the ninth consecutive loss for the sinking Brewers, about whom Wolf said: “Obviously, we are just getting on the losing end of these games. It is tough, it’s a hard pill to swallow … I wish I had that easy pill that would fix everything …”

You know, that easy pill, that makes baseball easy.


Then Ken Macha went on about how giving up bloop singles is like the Brewers’ “Agent Smith,” and how they need to “Dodge more bullets in slo-mo” if they want to get back in the “National League Carrie Ann Moss race”, and so on. It didn’t make much sense.


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