About That Dumb Pirates Report Article

So some dude wrote an article on a website called Pirates Report, which no one reads but which is apparently owned by the Nuttings, arguing, essentially, that Mario Lemieux would be a bad owner for the Pirates because the Penguins have underachieved during his tenure, winning only one measly Cup with the best nucleus in the NHL.

I’m not gonna link the article, nor am I going to be baited into a debate here. The post was a blatant, shameless attempt to garner pageviews for that dumbass site that no one cares about; the concept is not a viewpoint that any actual person holds, and any resulting firestorm of Penguin fans pointing out the uber-obvious (that one Cup is successful, and what have the Pirates done under Bob Nutting) is just people getting angry and yelling at no one.

This situation is not, as Deadspin titled it, “Pittsburgh Ownership War Heats Up”. Nothing has happened. Literally nothing has happened. Lemieux and Ron Burkle have not had any new discussions with Bob Nutting about buying the Pirates, and none of them had anything to do with this post (even if Nutting owns that site and the writing is biased towards the company line, does anyone really think the Pirates owner is taking to the time to tell some random guy what nonsensical, backlash-inducing posts he wants him to write?)

There are plenty of rational reasons to make a case for or against the merits of the Lemieux/Burkle group taking over the Pirates. Bashing the Penguins isn’t a poor argument, it’s a non-argument. Spending any time responding to the post itself is worthless and self-defeating. Let’s move on. It’s nice outside.


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